Monday, March 7, 2011

Ideas for posts.

So far I've been posting gadgets and cool tech things, but is this what you guys are looking for?

What do you, dear reader, want from this blog?  Would you like more of the same or see a change of pace?

Any input on this or suggestions in general will be considered and is appreciated.

Also, if you guys have any links or anything that you want me to throw up in a post, let me know too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puzzle Clock


This alarm clock not only plays an alarm, but in order to actually turn off the alarm, one must solve a simple puzzle each morning.  I think its a good idea, but would get old so fucking fast.  I for one have no problem sleeping through my alarm, but for those who do, this might be the alarm for you.


Convertible tablet PCs – that is, tablet PCs that can turn into a regular laptop form factor – have traditionally had swivel screens on hinges that work the same way as the swivel screens on Sony’s Alpha DSLRs, for example. There was also one with an awkward sliding mechanism that nobody remembers, but we won’t go into that here. At the Intel Developer Forum being held right now in San Francisco, Dell introduced an upcoming addition to their dell Inspiron line with a 10-inch notebook that transforms into a new tablet PC using a whole new approach. Once you open the lid of the laptop, the screen flips around on an axis halfway down the sides of the display, turning into a clamshell laptop!
The notebook itself has a dual-core Atom processor and runs Windows 7Premium.



Gallium is a silvery metal with atomic number 31. It's used in semiconductors and LEDs, but the cool thing about it is its melting point, which is only about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If you hold a solid gallium crystal in your hand, your body heat will cause it to slowly melt into a silvery metallic puddle. Pour it into a dish, and it freezes back into a solid.
While you probably shouldn't lick your fingers after playing with it, gallium isn't toxic and won't make you crazy like mercury does. And if you get tired of it, you can melt it onto glass and make yourself a mirror.

Here is a vid of a spoon made of the stuff:

Thought it was pretty sweet and its not super expensive either.